Our Services


We offer parents the choice to enrol in the free childcare scheme or pay per term.

Our hours of operation are from 7.00 to 15.00.

St. Paula offers individual classrooms whereby children are grouped according to their age and looked after by members of staff who are all fully qualified, offering the highest standards of care.

Our learning programmes are play-based whereby we use their motivation to play as the foundation of learning.

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Children currently attending St. Paula enrolled at our childcare centre automatically have a place reserved for kindergarten. 

Qualified kindergarten educators are responsible to teach, guide, play and educate children following national curriculum guidelines.

Summer Club

Children who currently attend St. Paula may opt to join our summer club for the summer months.
Those who choose to start the new scholastic term at St. Paula may use the months of summer as an introduction to our centre.
Children participate in fun and games including water play
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