Our Centre

We Make It Feel Like A Second Home

The aim of St. Paula is to provide quality care and comfort in a safe, friendly environment for all children attending the Centre. We offer an early learning programme through the intervention of planned play activities that allow the children to grow and enable them to reach their full potential. We help children identify themselves and build their self-esteem by providing opportunities for creative and imaginative play.

St. Paula offers a secure and stimulating environment set in peaceful surrounds, offering good quality care in a clean and safe environment. Children are kept under supervision at all times. All children attending the Centre spend time both indoor and outdoors. The Centre is spacious and offers lots of room for activities. The indoor areas enjoy natural light and fresh air, fully equipped with furniture and equipment that are age-appropriate.

Children attending St. Paula follow a daily routine that is carefully planned and all children are divided into separate classes and areas according to different age groups, following child to carer ratios.
Our school forms part of the free childcare scheme. St. Paula Early Education Centre offers both childcare services as well as kindergarten classes. Free childcare is offered until the child turns 3, however his/her place is reserved at our centre and the child can continue attending against a fee.