Young children are very creative, therefore we ensure that throughout the day we give children many opportunities to explore their creativity. People often presume that being creative should have an end result; however, we believe the adult should not determine the outcome of the experience for the child. The adult’s role is to provide for and to scaffold the children in their learning. We believe that the learning processes children go through in their play and activities are more important than the end product.

Play opportunities are provided for the children by familiar staff who observe and record the children’s interests and patterns of learning. Activities are specifically designed to meet each child’s individual needs and interests.

Mealtimes are seen as an important social time within the nursery. Children are encouraged to develop independence and social skills by choosing, selecting, pouring, cutting and serving for themselves and others.

The children are seated in small groups, with an adult present to encourage and support them. Younger children who need assistance will be helped during lunch time.

Parents are encouraged to give their children a healthy lunch and follow our food policy that suggests the best type of food to be given.

As part of our food policy and because some of the children might have food allergies, parents are not allowed to bring any cakes to our Centre to celebrate their child's birthday. The Centre can provide a special plain birthday cake to celebrate this event, however parents must book this at least a week before the birthday date. For further information contact the office.